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90% of the 200,000 New Zealanders who have indicators of chronic kidney disease are largely unaware they have a potentially life threatening disease. Chronic kidney disease can be detected early with a kidney function test and managed appropriately which means deterioration in kidney function can be reduced by as much as 50% and may even be reversible.

The kidneys play a vital role in the daily workings of your body. Your blood supply circulates through the kidneys about 12 times every hour, and the kidneys make urine from excess fluid and unwanted chemicals or waste in your blood.


The kidneys perform a number of key functions - when kidney function is impaired, this can be evident in the results of a kidney function test:

  • Cleaning blood – kidneys filter your blood to remove wastes and toxins.
  • Blood pressure control – kidneys keep your blood pressure regular.
  • Water balance – kidneys add excess water to other wastes, which makes your urine.
  • Vitamin D activation – kidneys manage your body’s production of this essential vitamin, which is vital for strong bones, muscles and overall health.

Bodybuilders and extreme athletes are more at risk of kidney failure due to high protein intake, excessive muscle breakdown from intense exercise, as well as anabolic steroid use.

What we test

Kidney Function

A blood test is used to find out the level of waste products in your blood and calculate what’s called your estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR).

This kidney function test measures:

Helps regulate the water and electrolyte balance of your body, and is important in the function of your nerves and muscles. Too much sodium can indicate kidney disease.

Minor changes in serum potassium ca have significant consequences. An abnormal concentration can alter the function of the nerves and muscles for example, the heart muscle may lose its ability to contract.

A high concentration of this waste product can indicate dehydration or that your kidneys aren’t working properly.

A waste molecule generated from muscle metabolism, and an accurate marker of kidney function.

If too much urate is produced or not enough is excreted, it can accumulate and lead to gout – an inflammation that occurs in joints.

The estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) measures how well your kidneys filter the wastes from your blood and is the best overall measure of kidney function.

Test instructions

Download and print your pathology form from your i-screen dashboard.

Take your form to one of our affiliated collection centres to have your sample taken - no need for an appointment.

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