Balance your hormones for better sleep

Sleep difficulties are common. Often the problem isn’t too much caffeine or noise, but an imbalance in the hormones that regulate the body's internal clock.

When the sun goes down, the body produces more melatonin in preparation for sleep, and when it’s light melatonin production drops. However these cycles can be disrupted by factors such as blue light from your mobile device, too little light during the day, jet lag and shift work. Stress also plays a major role.


The body produces cortisol throughout the day which peaks in the morning so you feel awake and hungry. Cortisol should drop in the evening to prepare for sleep, but stress can prevent this drop and also inhibit melatonin release. Having a ‘second wind’ around 10pm, finding it hard to fall asleep and feeling tired during the day are common signs your melatonin and cortisol may be out of balance. Find out more with this simple sleep test.

What we test

Saliva Sleep Profile

Cortisol and melatonin must be in proper balance with each other for optimal health and restful sleep, and an imbalance can be caused by prolonged stress.

This saliva sleep test measures:

Levels are highest in the evening and lowest during the daytime. As melatonin levels increase and start circulating through our bodies, we become sleepy.

Cortisol levels drop very low in the evening and during the early phase of sleep which allows the body to keep a regular sleeping pattern.

Test instructions

Your test kit and all instructions are posted directly to you, and there is no need to visit a collection centre.

Provide a saliva sleep test sample at midnight.

Mail your sample back to the lab according to the instructions provided with your kit

Results for this test available in 7 business days from when the sample is received back and will be published in your online dashboard.

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